Build an Online Creative Portfolio in less than $30/year


This guide is for all kinds of creatives - designers, artists, photographers & other visual creators.

Build a professional portfolio website for less than $30/year including the domain name. Not spending more than couple of hours on it.

Here's how it could look:

What are we going to be doing?

  1. Build a portfolio website on carrd.co
  2. Get everything launch ready
  3. Then buy the subscription for Carrd
  4. Buy a domain name
  5. Configure it to display your website
  6. Share with the world

Whats Carrd.co?

It's a simple single page website builder that is really easy to configure & setup.

Is it similar to Wordpress or Squarespace?

No. Carrd.co is simple website building solution that is capable of creating only single page websites. Reason we are choosing to go ahead with this is because of the simplicity of building it and how fast we can do it.

Is this for me?

Yes & no. Yes, if you are looking for just a few sections on your website to display your credentials & portfolio and add simple contact forms or any other type of form.

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